Hello! Thanks for visiting my website!

I'm an Artist/Songwriter and Music Producer, originally from Cumbria. I've been living in London since 2009 when I was performing in the Queen musical 'We Will Rock You' at the Dominion Theatre, West End. 

Music has been in my blood ever since I can remember, having grown up listening to Michael Jackson and recording the top 40 on Sundays on cassette.

I taught myself how to play piano on an old keyboard and when I was 15 my parents finally got me an old refurbished upright piano. I played it for the rest of my teens and started writing music and songs.

I've since written music for TV/Film. My song Shields was written for short film Credence.

I uploaded a cover of THE HANGING TREE (from The Hunger Games) on Youtube in November 2014 which, to my surprise, reached over 2.5million views! So I did two other covers RUNNING (Naughty Boy & Beyonce) and HELLO (Adele) which accumulated 6 million plays over Youtube and Soundcloud


The Youtube/Soundcloud success led to meeting my management and some cool producers/artists who I've been writing with.

I co-wrote and featured on Afgo & Livui Hodor's track LOST WITHOUT YOU which signed to SONY in eastern Europe.

My debut single, a cover of Dua Lipa's 'Be The One' was released in 2017 with Instrumental (Warner). 

I also featured on Embody's 'Without You' which was released on Ultra.

I played a few shows in London towards the end of 2017 at The Water Rats, 93 Feet East and 229. I also did a secret show for the Hipsteria Project in Chianti, Italy, in a medieval castle.

2018 saw the release of "Bones" a collaboration with Luvian and later "Twisted Games" was released with DJ Licious which reached number 6 on the official Belgium Chart.

More music from me will follow so watch this space! I have been writing the songs for my artist project by the sea so there is a definite theme and reference to water! I'm a true Pisces!




Photography Kyle Springate